The Inheritance of Rome

The Inheritance of Rome: Illuminating the Dark AGes 400-1000

This book was recommended to me by my advisor after I graduated. He said I would enjoy the background information about the transition into the Middle Ages. I find the leftover Roman influence and how their leaving impacted parts of the world fascinating. It is a great overview along with enough details to truly understand how and why the former parts of the western Roman empire changed. It is a big book, but that is really the only way to do justice to such a large topic. I am finding traces of the culture I studied in the late middle ages being formed during this period and having that background has only deepened my understanding.


A Collective Statement by Medievalists of Color

This is a really important read for those in the medieval field. Medieval studies is at a point where a change needs to happen. The Collective Statement by Medievalist of Color states it better than I ever could. Their experiences, unfortunately, mean they know better than I about what needs to happen.